“Once again another year has come and gone at PUMC Preschool. And once again this school has nurtured, taught, engaged, and most of all loved my child.”

- Heather Douglas, Parent

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to give him a quality preschool education on a working mom’s schedule! Your teachers are top notch. He loves every single one of those wonderful ladies!”

- Tiffany Green, Teacher at Flat Rock Elementary & Parent


“I have always said that Kindergarten is the most important part of a child’s education. I feel very different now. Preschool is the foundation to a great education. Because of you and your staff, I feel that my grandchild will be more than ready to take the next step into Kindergarten.”

- Gail and Bev Butler, Grandparents

I love that I have no reservations when dropping my boys off at preschool at PUMC. These teachers feel like a part of our family. I also love that my boys are going to the same preschool that a lot of my family has come through. PUMC Preschool is either a trusted family tradition or hidden gem to the people of Powhatan and surrounding communities. The love pours out its doors.”

-Shannon Richter, Parent