The curriculum at our preschool is theme based and teacher planned. With children’s interests and developmentally appropriate practice in mind, themes are chosen by teachers for an entire year. Examples of themes are: Fall Fun (science and nature), Nursery Rhyme Time (literature based), Friends and Family(social & emotional), Under the Sea(science) , The Great Book(bible stories), etc. Each theme is explored for 2 weeks to a month.

Teachers meet monthly to plan les sons that enhance the chosen theme. Young children in our 2’s and 3’s classes will be introduced to the same theme as our oldest Pre K children but teachers will plan activities based on the child’s age, readiness and the time spent in preschool weekly. All activities are planned within the curriculum guidelines for each age. We believe that play is a child’s work and that all areas of a child’s growth can be addressed through play. In the course of a theme based unit children will experience art, music, literature, science and math but they may only think they are playing. Additionally, child ren in our Pre K classes spend time each week focused on a letter and soun d appropriate to the theme. Examples: A for apples in fall, F for friends at Valentine’s, O for octopus during an ocean unit or N for Noah during a bible story unit . Over the course of the year all letters of the alphabet are taught.

Although some themes are repeated each year, particularly seasonal and holiday themes, we know that at each age an d stage of development a child will gain new insights into the material. Major themes are not repeated in consecutive years so that children who attend preschool for several years always have something new to look forward to!